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Arnold Bike interviews Misha Sukyas

Misha Sukyas is an Italian chef featured in our latest work for Fresh Cotton. See more here: http://baked.freshcotton.com/

Describe yourself in one sentence.

A sweet Devil

What are you excellent at?

Cooking, drinking and yo-yo playing

What do you suck at?

Writing, football and grown up relationships 

What’s best, having feet or wheels?

Feet for ever 

Your most embarrassing moment? Please share.

Being seen running naked in a hotel hallway

Which social media do you use?


What do you want to accomplish before you die.

A family and the restaurant of my dreams 

What is the greatest song in the world?

'My way' the Elvis or Sex Pistols version

Jam or Chocolate Spread?

Chocolate spread all my life

What inspires you?

Every little thing around me

If you could rule a country which one would it be?

Madagascar or maybe New Caledonia

What do you wish you’d invented?

I must say sex. Best thing in the world!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Head down and take no prisoners. 

Or ‘look out for the fox, the armadillo and the women with a low ass.’ Sounds better in Italian.

Resting in my own part of the Arnold Amsterdam office.

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